Oftentimes, I find myself angry with people who dislike films that I love and like films that I hate. This is fairly narrow-minded, I realize. Who am I to decide what’s good and what’s bad any more so than anyone else. Does my film degree (okay, Mass Comm. degree) make me a film snob? I suppose it does, to a certain extent. That is not the effort of this blog, however. I simply want to share my thoughts, and any facts I dig up on films both new, old, popular, and obscure. Oftentimes, I find movie review sites vague and lacking in context and critical analysis. I’ve long wanted an outlet not just to review a film, but to discuss its meaning, quirks, historical context, or just why it entertains. I hope this will be a venue for that discussion to take place, and I will make every effort not to judge.

My first film professor Tony said, “After this class you’ll never watch a movie the same way again!” Most people scoffed at him. He was right. Once you have been forced to analyze any type of art, or worse make it for yourself, you simply cannot look at it without seeing the theme, the structure, the good, the bad, the ugly, and most certainly the plot holes. In the words of Adrian Monk, film history classes are a blessing…and a curse. So hold up your hands in the Monk square and investigate along with me, because that is what I hope to do here.

Before beginning, I’ve brainstormed a few elements to include in each entry. First of all, I want to frame each film within it’s time period. When was it made? What era was it made about? Is it about real people or events, and if so how does it portray them? This, of course, will be followed by some form of light (seriously light, because I’m not that driven) critical analysis. Then, the fun parts…

Who’s to blame/thank for the films goodness or badness?
Is it re-watchable?
Why I watched this film in the first place?
If you liked this, you might also like…

And of course the final verdict. I find stars, numbers, and to be honest the words, “good” and “bad” to be vague and in most cases unhelpful. I give very few films five stars, and even fewer one star. It really isn’t that simple. What does 3.5 stars mean anyway? Instead, my verdict will tie into the name of this blog, and be just as vague, but hopefully more entertaining than a star, tomato, thumb, or number. This is, perhaps, my vain effort to stand out. But, tell me what is a review then if not a vain effort to have one’s opinion stand out?


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  1. second place!

    Liked your review of Clint Eastwood’s “Fistful of Dollars” and have spotted some symbolism too

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