In Want of the Western — What are your Faves? … And GO!

I’m looking for westerns.

It’s a new year, and with that comes a new game plan… Right so, you’re correct in saying it’s been a new year for the past 5 months. Memo received.

In any case, starting this month I’m going to structure the blog a bit differently. Each month (or so), I’ll pick a GRAND THEME for the movies I’ll watch that month. I’ll do a short review for each film, then at the END of the month (or the start of the next one), I’ll do some cool (perhaps only to me) diatribe about the genre, the filmmaker, the actor/actress, etc. and so forth. It’s going to be great, fabulous, maybe even magnificent!

Right now, I’m looking for your recommendations of the BEST western films ever made, or at least the best ones you’ve seen. I’m kicking off the month with A Fistful of Dollars, because a friend lent it to me months ago, and it’s been waiting impatiently to be watched ever since. After that, the movies are up in the air. I want to watch another John Wayne flick, because it’s been far too long since I’ve seen one of those, but which one is still up for debate.

Hit me with your ideas here, or on my movie recommendation tab. I’m looking forward to what you come up with.



  1. My Darling Clementine, Red River, River of No Return (with Marilyn Monroe!), The Searchers, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (my favorite), The Shootist (John Wayne’s last film), The Misfits (a modern-day Western with Clark Gable and… Marilyn Monroe! It was the last movie either of them made.), Meek’s Cutoff.

  2. I know I am late but I’ve only just stumbled across your blog via twitter. I love westerns and even the mass produced 50s westerns, the sort which often feature Randolph Scott are well worth a watch. But alongside those you have reviewed I would suggest checking out The Proposition (2005) as it is a very gritty modern western.

    • Hey cool! Thanks for the recommendation, and sorry for the delayed response!

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